The highly respected online blogging and security services organization ‘Tech Republic‘ commented not so long ago that “Nigerian princes are no longer the only menaces lurking in an employee’s inbox.”.

We remember the days when that Nigerian prince’s phishing email or the virus link were the only thing you would run into in your email those days. They were naive, transparent and so absurd almost no one fell for them (almost!).

Sadly that is no longer the case. Avoiding the Nigerian princes and your “million dollar inheritance” phishing email is the least of your worries today. There are so many other ways that individuals, companies great and small, institutions and even governments are being damaged that those phishing emails of yesteryear seem almost like a fond memory.

What are the most common cyber threats right now?

Really what you want to know is how to avoid ransomware attacks. We will get to that in a minute. First though, you need to be able to recognize your enemy.

As basic background knowledge, it is important to know the general terms for the most prevalent types of threat. Here they are in an easy to reference list with the briefest of descriptions:

  • Phishing – a general term for malware (malicious code such as viruses designed to do damage), personal data grabbing and ransomware deployment through email
  • Spear Phishing – the same as Phishing with the added threat of it being targeted & personalized making it more successful.
  • Hacking – criminals gain access to systems through security weaknesses, usually with the intention of exploiting the resources in those systems in some way.

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